AdComply for Agencies and Advertisers
As a brand advertiser or an agency representing a brand, you have two main concerns about advertising online; how can you gain the greatest exposure to quality customers, and how can you ensure that your brand is protected and will not appear on an inappropriate site? AdComply provides a comprehensive monitoring tool that will find and expose the locations of your ads. Our reporting system will provide you with screen shot evidence of how and where your ads are appearing so you can take the necessary steps to manage your online presence and protect your brands. Agencies and advertisers will benefit from our new content monitoring system which can identify unwanted terms or expired coupon codes on related sites. Our new active link checker provides further assurance by checking links to make sure they are active, preventing any missed sales through any errors or broken redirects.
  • Monitor your ads
  • Discovery of non-compliant ads
  • Manage your online presence
  • Protect your brands
  • Increase network and affiliate accountability
AdComply for Performance Networks
The AdComply system removes the blinds on your sources so you know exactly where your traffic originates. Our screen shot reporting provides documentation of placement and content as well as discovery of non-compliant ads. Networks can use this information to promote trust with advertisers and reduce costs by ensuring they work with quality, reliable affiliates.
  • Monitor traffic
  • Improve relationship with agencies and advertisers
  • Document ad placement
  • Increase campaign longevity
  • Promote advertiser trust and spend
AdComply for Affiliates
Affiliates can use AdComply services to protect their investments. By being proactive and using a third party monitoring system, an affiliate can prove compliance to their network. This will help preserve campaigns or ensure payments in case of campaigns being shut down due to other’s fraudulent activities. Affiliates will also benefit from our active link checker so they can be alerted if an offer goes down or is not working properly. No more missed sales due to errors or broken links.
  • Protect your investment
  • Build trust will networks and advertisers
  • Improve payment negotiations
  • Ensure links are active
AdComply for Traffic Sources
As a traffic source you want to preserve the best possible user experience to ensure customers return to your site. Deceptive, illegal, or inappropriate ads can damage your site’s reputation and hurt your revenue stream. AdComply can monitor your site and identify any non-compliant ads before any harm is done.
  • Preserve user experience
  • Document ad placement
  • Protect your brands